About me & Scientology

Hiya, and thanks for coming. I’m about 30, a computer guy, a basketball player, and a Scientologist.

This is my newly-repurposed blog about my journey through studying the Basics books & lectures by L. Ron Hubbard – and specifically what I’ve gotten from the book, Science of Survival.  It’s a book that just keeps on giving, in terms of new insights about people and life, so I figured a blog would be the best format for this.

The Basics, of which Science of Survival is a part, are the most fundamental texts of Dianetics and Scientology, covering the full developmental track whereby Mr. Hubbard describes all of the fundamental and advanced tenets of Scientology, and their relationship to life.

I’ve been in Scientology for much of my life (since I was a little kid). However, I wanted to study these basics of Scientology as much of what I got of Scientology I got hearsay from my parents or from other Scientologists I lived and worked with, rather than reading all of this data myself, and thereby forming my own opinions and conclusions on the subject directly from the source material.

I think it’s a similar situation that anyone in any religious background gets. I’m sure that the average catholic child growing up has no first clue why one says a prayer before a meal, or what the significance is of any of the rituals done in a church service. I can’t imagine growing up in an islamic background is any better either.

Unless you read it yourself, and know it yourself, these data and their significance escape you. Sort of like they did for me! See some of my latest posts for more insight on this, like this one about the simple virtue of being high on the Tone Scale.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, though, as burrow in to these books and see what’s there!


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